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Grammar Master – Pro


Like many people, you probably learned the basic rules of grammar in school. And like many people, you’ve probably forgotten much of what you learned. Is ending your sentences with a preposition really that bad a practice? Are there hard and fast rules for when to use who, that or which? Where does the comma go?

All of these questions, as well as many more, can plague both amateur and professional writers.

Our offline spelling and grammar checker will answer those questions and (hopefully) help you gain more confidence in your writing.

Who Uses The Grammar Master – Pro

Student writings need the most proof reading as teachers and instructors often expect the papers to be error-free. Secretaries, job seekers, blog and article writers, or anyone who wants to make a good impression with their writing can use this tool. In fact, even professional writers get into trouble with homonyms, words that sound alike but are spelled differently, or get confused over comma placement.

If you have access to a professional editor, these little blips are not that important, but if you don’t have one, this proof-reading tool is your new best friend.

The Danger of Bad Grammar

Even in these days of text-speak, thoughts dashed off in 120 characters and casual blogging, grammar and spelling still count. Of course, what we believe is valuable is the ideas expressed in writings, but these ideas may not reach us if they are delivered with poor grammar. Hence, poor grammar can mean poor communication. And many studies have proven that poor communication leads to lost clients and business deals, bad impression, and delayed work; for other interactions, distrust and misunderstanding; and for students, a low grade in school.

We can help you prevent them from happening.

Aside from learning grammar tips and rules through tutorials regularly, you can use our offline grammar or spell checker, and in a minute, you’re certain that you are putting out quality material for your readers.

Benefits of Proof- reading

Using an offline spell check has several benefits when proof-reading a document. But there’s a software installation required. Everything’s offline, safe and secure , and results are being shown almost in an instant. You just have to type in the words that you want to check in the text field, click the buttons, above the text field to get started.

someone proof-reading a document at the computer
Being able to write without having to scrutinize your spelling mistakes can be a freeing feeling. Here are other benefits:

1. Build Credibility
Sometimes, your words are all you have.

If you write for a living or write a lot of papers for college, having correct spelling is essential. Learning how to spell a variety of words is a lifelong process. However, by the time you reach adulthood and opportunities are opening for you , you should at least appear to know how to spell a large number of words. When trying to convince your reader of a specific point , you want it to be understood right , and the last thing you want is to be criticized for your spelling. Your reader may not even want to continue reading your paper if there are numerous errors. Therefore, making sure you check yourself is the quickest way to prevent this.

2. Learn How to Spell New Words
spell checker in action
When you start proofreading your texts, you’ll also learn how to spell new words properly as you go along. New words will allow you to express your thoughts better and explore different perspectives if necessary, help you gain more confidence in your writing style, and minimize the chance of occurring spelling and grammar errors. Read more about how to improve your writing in our blog post here.

3. Gain Authority
It is crucial to establish authority if you write papers for a living, for school, or for work. When your audience reads your writing, you want to come from a position of power and not from a position of weakness. Conveying correct spelling is one way to achieve this. Not only is it effortless to use; it is also speedy. This is a convenient way to ensure proper spelling throughout your work. Remember that people want to be associated with winners and successes. Displaying your authority on how to spell every word in your paper will allow people to focus more on your ideas and stories. That’s why it’s of the uttermost importance to apply proper proof feeding before sending out sensitive correspondence.

4. Move Quickly
If you have to write business papers that are several pages long, it can be a time-consuming task to pore through your entire work while worrying about the spelling of certain words. You have to proofread everything, but you may not have the time to do so. Our online spell check helps you to move more quickly by giving you the correct spelling for any of your questionable words just by clicking a few buttons. Also, once you learn how to spell one word correctly, you can start to correct the same word on your own, making your writing process faster. Spending several days on one paper may not be the most profitable use of your time. Saving time means saving money!

5. Correct Mistakes
proof reading and spell check
When you thoroughly check your texts, you won’t have to fear possible mistakes when submitting your work to your professor, boss, or colleague. You get peace of mind through demonstrating your understanding of how to spell correctly. Additionally, your audience may look up to you for having such masterly spelling abilities. Knowing how to spell is essential for any line of work, from being a lawyer to a doctor. Would it not cause some questions in your mind if you have a doctor who constantly misspells words? Ensuring that you do not have this issue, regardless of your line of work, will give you the boost in writing confidence that you need to get the jobs. So start now and instantly correct any grammar mistakes, get vocabulary suggestions, and check your text for plagiarism, whether it is intentional or not—well, you have to be certain. But don’t just blindly trust technology. Always make sure you give your texts a final proof-read before you publish or send them out!
Madhuka Software Developments
Sri Lanka .

Grammar Master – PRO (software)
improves your 4 skills of English language .
Talk with your computer .
Get your sentences corrected with the help of error messaging system.
Get present tense texts transformed into the tense you want just to be (past ,future perfect continuous etc.) .
Get those converted into passive voice .
Get them analized for s-v-o structure (wether as phrases or else as clauses ) & extenstion ( word classes) ) .
When writing , get instructions by way of using human voice in Sinhala .
GRAMMAR Master is intended to be operated in line with MADHURA Dictionary .
Introductory price 995 LKR only
Sole distributor– M.D. GUNASENA & Co. ltd
Colombo .
To obtain the software by V. P. P. , send us your name & address along with the recipt of payment of 500 LKR
to Peopl’s Bank in my favour ……
707 \1
Janadhipathie Mav.
Maha Ingiriya.
Acc No : 300-2-001-8-0031188
Bank : People’s Bank -Ingiriya .
For further detailes contact ;
Tel — 0344987084 .
visit us on our BLOG —



There’s been a serious role reversal in the legal battle between Apple and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI had attempted to use the courts to force Apple to help it unlock an iPhone, a course of action it’s no longer pursuing since it successfully accessed the phone with help from an unidentified…

via Apple’s next big problem: figuring out how the FBI hacked its iPhone — Quartz

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